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development prospect and significance of tyre renovation

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development prospect and significance of tyre renovation

Tyre retreading is a positive way of waste tyre recycling, is an extension of the tire industry and reprocessed, to promote the comprehensive utilization of resources saving, promote the economic growth mode transformation and sustainable development, full of positive significance. As far as its foreground is concerned, the reconditioning of waste tyre is an indispensable industry in the transportation of automobile industry.

Motor vehicle tyres due to security reasons, such as tire body life than tread life (such as aircraft tire tire body life is about 6 times of the tread life, truck is about 3 times, the car is about 1 times), motor vehicle use must therefore the renovation to complete its resources life many times. The number of new tyres and refurbished tyres in the world is about 10:1, and the industrialized countries can reach more than 5. Article 1998 new tire production is 85.85 million in China, the article estimates that about 3 million, the retrofit new and refurbished tyres than about o, far lower than the world level, more below the level of developed countries, such as the United States renovated 28.104 million tyres in 1998, production value of $2.266 billion.

Our country is a more typical "small and full" workshop. The company is small, some places have more tyre factories, such as Beijing.



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