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Tiantai county Ming tong machinery co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of statelevel scenic spot are green, 60 provincial road side, near the three highway 2 km, turn left the first export transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior.


Our company specializes in the production of direct combustion gas molding machine, ultra-low energy consumption, and the cost of each pair of socks is low to 5 per cent.


Independent research and development of automobile detrap, let the car free in mud, grass, snow.


Engaged in tyre retreading equipment design, manufacturing and processing, product reference design in a number of countries such as the United States, Italy, Malaysia, the series of diversity, variety complete, stable and reliable quality, reasonable price, the products sell well all over the world. The main products include: sulfide tank, tire spreader, tire press, bag sealing expander, steel coil disassembling machine, etc. In order to satisfy the needs of different users, equipped with a variety of models of equipment selection, equipment by professionals for customer's special demand, optimization, and is responsible for the tire technology training and other after-sales service.

1. The sulfide can be selected according to the production capacity: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, etc.

2. The tire machine can provide simple type, common type, numerical control type.

3, check the tire pressure machine safe and reliable: (1) the tyres after reaching blasting limit, tire just have leakage phenomenon, is not like an enormous blasting shock wave pressure testing machine, and the safety of the operator and the surrounding residents have a big impact. 2 USES the computer records the whole testing process all the way, there are two cameras record the left and right sides tire of the drum phenomenon, operators need to close to the device, only a few meters of observation on the device display.


Company technical force is abundant, the main technical personnel specializing in tyre retreading industry has many years history, refer to the renovation of the international advanced technology and equipment, rich experience, can according to the actual situation of of customers the most reasonable equipment scheme, the maximum to meet customer demand.

Based on the principle of the contract of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, the company is dedicated to the national tyre enterprise service for the purpose of quality first, reputation first and service first. We sincerely welcome the bearer to negotiate business.



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